Plugged In

Pray without ceasing…

-1 Thes 5:17

I really donโ€™t know how people managed to be in meaningful relationships before the advent of telephones and instant messaging (lol, spoken like a true millennial). These technological advances have made it so that we can be in constant, real-time communication with the people in our lives even if we happen to be on different continents. We are constantly plugged in with them and are able to tell them about the things going on with us as soon as they happen. Itโ€™s strange and worrisome to us to hear people in a relationship say they donโ€™t talk/text multiple times everyday.

A lot of people see prayer as just presenting a list of requests to God and so when they hear โ€œpray without ceasingโ€, they imagine just droning on and on to God all day (which actually sounds tedious). Iโ€™ve heard quite a number of people say things like, โ€œwonโ€™t you run out of stuff to say?โ€ However, prayer is not just presenting a wishlist to God and it isnโ€™t a monologue, itโ€™s a conversation.

For us to be told to pray without ceasing, it means that God is able and willing to keep the lines of communication between us open constantly. This does not mean that weโ€™re to separate ourselves from everyone else 24/7 and say weโ€™re praying, It means that He wants us to be in contact with Him throughout our day, from the moment we wake up till weโ€™re winding back down for bed; weโ€™re to develop a lifestyle of prayer. Things like; thanking Him for opportunities/provision, asking for help before doing difficult things, praying for people we come in contact with/who cross our mind, praising Him for the beauty of the things he created, etc are all included in prayer. These are often called โ€œspontaneous prayersโ€. Praying without ceasing means we stay connected to Him the same way weโ€™re constantly plugged in online to our friends and families.

This week, explore the meaning of prayer and what it means to โ€œpray without ceasingโ€. Stay plugged in.

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